Dental Implants in Glendora, CA

Missing teeth can affect your daily life; they keep you from eating properly, from speaking properly, and from being able to attend social events or gatherings confidently. Lost teeth can make you self-conscious, which is why at Downtown Dental, we provide dental implants. Implant treatment comprehensively replaces missing teeth, and with Dr. Deragobian’s combination of state-of-the-art technology and effective regimen, she helps you achieve a complete, beautiful smile.

Are you searching for a dentist that helps you achieve your dental goals while exceeding your expectations? Call or visit our Glendora office, where you will be met with a dental team that makes every effort to ensure you reach the desired outcome and assists you to stay calm throughout the treatment process.

Why are Dental Implants One of the Best Teeth Replacement Options Available?

What makes dental implants so valuable is their ability to act as an artificial root made out of biocompatible titanium. The implant post is surgically placed into the jaw to retain a person’s restoration and keep surrounding dental structures from shifting. The artificial root also keeps the jawbone from going through a process known as resorption, where the adjacent bone is used to fill in the void. This can cause an individual to appear prematurely aged as they have a shrunken appearance,

Implant Treatment at Downtown Dental

When you come to our office wishing to restore your smile, you sit down Dr. Deragobian to discuss your goals and go over a treatment plan.  Our dentist performs a complimentary assessment of your smile to gain a detailed understanding of your dental needs. This also lets her determine if you require preoperatory procedures to bolster the condition of your dental anatomy and ensures the success of the procedure. If it is found that you lack bone density, our dentist is able to perform bone grafting in the convenience of our office.

Before beginning treatment, we make sure you and our dental professional are able to move forward with the chosen method of dental care confidently. We maximize comfort by getting down to your level and talking with you, letting you voice your concerns and going over the process step by step.

Implant treatment contains three segments after the consultation: placement, healing, and restoration. After our skilled dentist has inserted the implant post into the jaw, it will take three to six months for the biocompatible titanium to integrate with surrounding dental structures. Once that is complete, we place the abutment to affix your final restoration so you can have strong, stable, and beautiful full set of teeth.

Regain a Complete Smile!

If you would like to find out more about how Downtown Dental can restore your smile, contact our dental practice today! Dr. Deragobian and her team are passionate about helping those in Glendora and its surrounding communities achieve a healthy, beautiful smile. 


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