Extractions in Glendora, CA

While we at Downtown Dental do everything we possibly can to preserve the natural beauty and health of your smile, sometimes this is not always possible. Whether it be due to a dental infection or an emerging wisdom tooth, there are instances where it is necessary to remove a problematic tooth to prevent the onset of complex issues in the future.

Dr. Rita Deragobian from our Glendora dental practice understands that achieving optimal oral health, dental function, and bite strength is different for each patient. This is why her team of dedicated dental professional devises personalized treatment plans that set you on the path to an improved smile.

When extraction of the natural tooth is necessary to protect your dental and overall well-being, we always keep your comfort in mind. By combining modern techniques, state-of-the-art technology, and a gentle touch, we ensure you can move forward with the procedure confidently.

When Would I Need a Dental Extraction?

While providing a patient relief from their dental pain and maintaining their natural dental structures is our number one priority, this is not always possible. If there is a chance of a tooth negatively impacting surrounding dental structures, spreading infection, or causing chronic discomfort, then it would need to be removed.

Reasons a person may need to undergo a dental extraction are:

  • Dental Trauma
  • Extensive Decay
  • Emerging Wisdom Tooth
  • Complex Orthodontic Issues

Extractions at our Glendora Dental Practice

Dr. Deragobian performs a thorough examination of your dental anatomy, complete with digital x-rays. Our dentist enlarges the images to show patients why they need a tooth removed and provide a visual of how the procedure is going to go. She also evaluates how leaving the compromised tooth unaddressed will negatively impact the rest of your smile, confirming the necessity of the procedure.

At Downtown Dental, we sit down with our patients to discuss with them the treatment process at a step by step basis. During this time, they may also voice their questions and concerns. We try to incorporate the patient as much as possible when it comes to their treatment, ensuring they know what is going on and are comfortable with the services they are receiving.

At the time of the procedure, we numb the surgical area with a local anesthetic, maximizing comfort. We also encourage patients to bring their headphones and cellphones, so they can relax during the procedure and remain distracted throughout the process.

For patients coming to our practice needing wisdom teeth extractions, we do one side first and allow that to heal, then move on to the other section. This gives our patients the ability to continue eating and drinking in comfort during the healing phase.

Your Smile is Our Priority!

If you have any questions regarding dental extractions or would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Deragobian, contact Downtown Dental today! Our dental team is committed to serving the smiles of our Glendora community.


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