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Everyone should be able to display their smile to others proudly, but sometimes this is not always possible. If a person has discoloration of the enamel, chips, gaps between teeth, and excessive gum tissue, it can be hard to feel confident regarding their aesthetic. At Downtown Dental, our dentist, Dr. Rita Deragobian, provides cosmetic dental services to resolve or correct visual imperfections in the smile.

Our Glendora dental team creates customized treatment plans that meet your needs and goals while exceeding your expectations with our quality customer services. If you are looking for dental professionals that make every effort to achieve your ideal smile, contact our practice today!

Cosmetic Enhancements at Downtown Dental

Before you can undergo our various cosmetic dental services, you must first have a consultation with our dentist. This is so the two of you can devise an efficient dental strategy, one that lets you reach your dental goals quickly and has you spending less time in the dentist’s chair. Once Dr. Deragobian’s examination of your smile is complete, she may suggest one or a combination of the following cosmetic enhancements:

Teeth Whitening- Our Glendora practice utilizes Opalescence’s® BOOST Ultradent to ensure you achieve a lasting, brighter smile. We provide in-office teeth whitening, which lightens your smile by several shades in just one appointment. The application process for this treatment takes less than an hour, meaning you can come in during lunch or when you have a little spare time as you do not have to stay in the dentist’s chair long.

Composite Fillings- Patients receive this minor restoration when decay is present to prevent bacteria from reaching the inner chambers and protect the tooth from infection. These fillings are comprised of composite materials, meaning they are non-toxic and seamlessly blend with surrounding dental structures leaving you with a uniform smile.

Veneers/ Lumineers®- If you have chips, discoloration beneath the enamel, or undersized teeth, these thin shells of porcelain may be the solution for you. They are applied to the surface of teeth to rejuvenate their appearance and leave you with a beautiful smile. The difference between traditional veneers and Lumineers is that conventional veneers require slight alteration to a tooth’s enamel while Lumineers are known to be prepless.

Crown Lengthening- If you have excessive gingival tissue or what is known as a “gummy smile”, teeth may look small, and aesthetics can be negatively impacted. At Downtown Dental, we provide crown lengthening, which removes some of the gum tissue to uncover more of a tooth’s crown and leave you with an improved appearance.

Enhance Your Smile with Us!

At Downtown Dental, our team is dedicated to your oral health and aesthetic. We do everything we can to set you on the right path to your dream smile. Dr. Deragobian is an expert at providing cosmetic dental services, helping the people of Glendora and its surrounding areas achieve their dental goals while meeting their needs.

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